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This conductor is manufactured from (E.C.GRADE) aluminium, having purity of min. 99.5% of Aluminium (with lACS of 61%). It is used mainly in urban areas because the spacing is short and the support is enclosed. These conductors are also used extensively in coastal areas because they have a very high degree of corrosion resistance.
ACSR are used for river crossings, overhead ground wires, installation involving extra long Spans etc. against any given resistance of conductor, ACSR may be manufactured for having a wide range of tensile strength as per requirement. The principal advantage of Is high tensile strength & lightweight so that they are used for longer spans with less support. Due to the greater diameter of ACSR a much higher corona limit can be Obtained causing big advantages on high as well as extra high voltage overhead lines.
It is made from aluminium-magnesium-siiicon alloy of high electrical conductivity containing Magnesium (0.6-0.9%) & Silicon (0.5-0.9) to give it better mechanical properties after treatment These conductors are generally made out of aluminium alloy 6201 (lACS is 54%). It has A better corrosion resistance and better strength to weight ratio and improved electrical Conductivity than ACSRon equal diameter basis.
Conservation of energy resources through minimizing wastage & losses is a priority for the entire world. For us in India with our growing needs and scarce resources it becomes all the more important to ensure optimum utilization of energy. All Aluminium Alloy Conductor (AAAC) is the new technical concept and has the most effective break through for energy conservation through improved conductor design for "TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION OF POWER" under growing demand.
These are largely used for windings of Transformer, LV & HV Coils. Sizes are selected By customers as per their design requirements. We use high-grade quality E.C. installation Kraft paper of Sweden makes; so that uniform covering & full insulation is assured.
Bare aluminium alloy wires are made from a wide range of aluminium alloys, depending on the customer requirements. These wires are sold to manufacturers of rivets, nails, screws and other various products. Bare copper wire is used for cables, junctions, rivets, hangers, Clips and other household items.
A ABC is manufactures as per customer's requirement or as per IS 14255. This is generally used to avoid theft & power pilferage. It is nothing but insulated aluminium conductor along with bare messenger alloy wire as per IS 398 Part2. The AB Cable for L.T. Lines ensures safety & security in cabling for mass power supply. Its a new revolution in power supply minus the hazards power theft & power tripping.
In the aerial bunched cable system the insulated aluminium conductor (3 or 4 numbers as required) are twisted around a high strength Aluminium Alloy Bare/insulated conductor which carries the main weight and also serves as the earth-cum-neutral wire.
1100 Volts PVC insulated cables generally as per IS 694-1990
  • PVC House Wiring and Industrial Wiring Cables with Copper/ Aluminium Conductor.
  • Single/ Multi core PVC copper flexible cables for Industrial Wiring.
  • Three Core Copper Flexible flat cables for submersible pumps and motors.
  • Twin core flat cables for service wire connection up to 16
1100 Volts PVC insulated (Heavy Duty) cables as per IS 1554 (Part I) 1988.
  • Single / multi core PVC insulated aluminum conductor armoured / unarmoured power cables.
  • PVC insulated copper conductor armoured / unarmoured control cables.
  • HR PVC cables.
  • FRLS power and control cabl
3.3 KV PVC Insulated (Heavy duty) Cables as per IS 1554 (Part II).
LT XLPE Insulated Cables.
HT XLPE Insulated Cables.
Aluminium Wire Rods
Bare Aluminium Wires
AAC, AAAC, ACSR Conductors
Aerial Bunched Cable & Its Accessories
PVC Cables
Aluminium DPC Wire
Paper Coated Aluminum Strips
Aluminium Super Enamelled Wire
Bare Copper Wires
Submersible Copper Winding Wire
Copper Super Enamelled Wire
PVC Granules
Polyster & Polypropylene Insulated Winding Wire for                               Submersible Pumps
Nylon Coated Wires(export quality)
Networking Cables
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